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When death occurs, an onset of emotions can often take place. These emotions can cause us to feel confused with uncertainty of what lies ahead, as well as key decisions that will need to be made. Our staff is very familiar with the funeral arrangement process and can give valuable information and guidance when arranging services.

There are many options available when planning funeral arrangements. The services we provide can be tailored and personalized to your family’s preferences and needs in order to honor and pay tribute to a loved one and the life he or she lived.

Below you will find examples and brief descriptions of some of the more commonly chosen services we can provide.

Traditional Funeral Service

An evening visitation, with the funeral service and burial taking place the following day.

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Same Day Visitation & Funeral Service

Visitation, funeral service and burial are observed and take place all on the same day.

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Graveside Service

A service that is held at the graveside instead of the funeral home. Visitation is optional.

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Traditional Visitation, Funeral & Cremation Service

An evening visitation with the funeral service following the next day. The cremation process then takes place after the funeral service.

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Same Day Visitation, Funeral & Cremation Service

Visitation and funeral services are observed all in the same day. The cremation process then takes place after the funeral service.

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Visitation Cremation Service

 Visitation is held, with the cremation process taking place afterward, funeral services are not observed

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Memorial Service

A service of remembrance that can take place either before or after the cremation process has been completed.

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Direct Cremation

Does not include any visitation or funeral service, only the cremation process

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As previously mentioned, the options above are examples of funeral service options that are more common. There are other options available and we will be happy to provide information regarding such at your request.

Regardless of what type of service is selected, there are many personalization options that can be utilized to pay tribute to one’s life. Photo or picture boards can be displayed during the visitation and funeral to recall cherished memories of the past. A DVD tribute is another option utilized for remembering special moments in time. A memory table serves as a wonderful way of celebrating a person’s hobbies or interests, and can be used to display memorabilia and special items that represent the life of the deceased. We provide custom printing to offer personalized Register Books, Memorial Folders, Service Programs, or any other item(s) that help to honor a life lived.

Every individual is comprised of special qualities, traits, customs and beliefs. These characteristics, among many other attributes, contribute to make each of us who we are and unique. The staff at our funeral home strives to provide a valuable, professional and accommodating service in order to pay tribute and honor to a life lived.

Please do not hesitate to come in or call with any questions you might have regarding funeral service planning and/or to discuss options that are available.

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